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Questions before starting

  • Do you currently have a web site?   Is this an upgrade or redesign?  Is this your first web site?
  • What objectives do you have for your web site -- to Inform? Educate? Raise awareness? Produce   leads?  Step ahead of the competition?
  • Whom do you want as viewers of this web site?
  • What do you want them to think-feel-do as a result of touring your web site?
  • How do you envision the public finding your web site --  from your web site address included on your signs? in your print ads? radio/TV spots? Surfing the Internet?
  • How do you receive most of your new customers today?  Referral? Advertising?…etc
  • Have you viewed any web sites of your competition?
  • Have you seen  any sites that you  like especially - or dislike. For example:
      - Visually -  aesthetically
      - Ease of navigation
      - The content displayed
  • What kind of content or information do you intend for for your web site?
  • Do you now have appropriate photos or graphics to include in the site?
  • Do you have "Thank You letters"  or  testimonials from customers? They are a powerful  tool for customer confidence and should  be included on your web site if possible.
  • Will more than one department or division be included in your site's content?  Will a specific individual coordinate the site's input?
  • What is included in your present marketing program -- Print Ads?, Radio/TV? Brochures? Direct Mail?   Because your web site will  be an extension of your current  program, your site design should be consistent with your image goals.
  • Once operating, how frequently do you anticipate that alterations to  your  web site contents or design will be required? If daily changes will be required, you will want to hire a webmaster to accomplish this. If the changes are less frequent --  weekly, monthly, or other, you may wish to enter into a "maintenance agreement" with The Web Design Source.
  • What level of budget is available for your site?
  • Do you have a deadline for  your web site's debut on the Internet?
  • The site design is the major expense - the remaining charges include:
      - Monthly web hosting charge and initial set-up fee
      - Domain Name Registration
      - Ongoing - search engine  submissions

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