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If you are confused by the pricing techniques used by many web designers, you are not alone.   

Confusion examples:

  • Pricing by the number of pages. Obviously unfair -  the design and content of one company's web page may be extremely complex - another's may be very simple.
  • Pricing based on the megabyte size of your web pages. The number of MBs transferred per month, etc. 
  • Open-ended pricing. Hourly development rates...until the web site is finished. The customer has little idea of the final cost.
  • Pricing based on TecnoComputer Gobbledygook - hyperlinks, tables, cells, marquees, etc.

        The Web Design Source's Pricing Logic.    First we talk (no charge).   We want to know:
  • The contents you desire for your  web site
  • The appearance or style of the pages - clean and straightforward,  fancy,  high-tech
  • What image you want to present to viewers
  • What viewers do you want to attract. How you want to market your site
  • What your budget parameters are for the site

  • When we understand  what you want, and we agree on the contents, we quote a Fixed Price  for the completed website.
  • You can find a more complete list of questions here
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