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Web Site Design - Where do I Start
"In today's competitive marketplace...Image is   everything!"...almost.

Where do I Start?

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1 -  Discuss  with us your web site vision.  The discussion would include the site's contents, its visual and aesthetic approach, and most likely the other forms of your current marketing program (print advertising, brochures, flyers, etc). Your site might be an extension of your current marketing program and  include many of its components.

You might already possess much of the material - photos, images, text - to include in your site. This can  be provided to us as hard copy or electronic files, by Mail or via the Internet.

To assure that the most effective website will be created, thought should be given to the Questions List

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2 - We give you a fixed Price.   When agreement on the ingredients of your web site is reached - the number of pages, the design complexity,  graphics which might need to be created, or photos taken, etc., we will estimate the time and expense - and give you a Fixed Price.

If you decide to proceed, a contract is signed and one-third of the total charges are then due.  The charges include the design, and if applicable, hosting and domain name registration. The second payment of one-third will be due upon completion of the draft, and the final third upon publishing of the final web site.

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3 - You review and approve Draft of Site.  The process of moving from Contract  to completion of the Draft Site can take a few days or a few weeks depending on the size and complexity of the web site you desire and our schedule. The second payment of one third is due at this time. 

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4 - When you approve the finished web design, we will Publish your site on the World Wide Web...accessible for viewing,  24 hours a day!  And, we will register your site with the many search engines to boost visibility. Final payment is due at this time.

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5 - Updates - Maintenance to Site.  Periodically, you may want to make changes to your website - new products, pricing, news, events, etc.  We can keep your website current and will work with you on changes and charges to effect them.

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